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Tyler Ryan cut his teeth on the radio, dating  back to the decade of hair, where he worked nights at a small radio station in New Hampshire.  Over the years, Tyler honed his radio and voice chops, creating some of the most memorable morning and afternoon radio shows around. 

                                                                    Tyler has worked "town to town - up and down the dial" as the                                                                          old theme song once said, having his voice heard in New                                                                                    Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York State, Arkansas,                                                                        Texas, The Cayman Islands, and South Carolina.


                                                                    Currently, Tyler can be found on the iHeart Radio network of                                                                              stations in Columbia, South Carolina, where he serves as air talent

                                                                    across the family of stations, including WCOS, WNOK, WVOC,                                                                         

The Beat, and Throwback, as well as appearing on the iHeart Media app, hosting the Carolina Cares and various other programs.


Tyler also won a South Carolina Broadcasters Association Public

Service award in 2017 for his work on the "Soldier Salute."

Tyler is a voice actor and voice over artist, lending his pipes as a pitch

man, narrator, and for corporate projects.

Tyler Ryan is an award winning radio personality
Tyler Ryan:
"LE Vox"
Television / Radio Host-Speaker-Writer-Investigative Journalist
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