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 Commercial/ BRANDs 

Tyler Ryan has been a spokesman, pitchman, and brand ambassador for over two decades, being called on to represent local an national products, as well as non-profit organizations and state-run groups.

Tyler has also served as Spokesman / Public Information Officer for several governmental agencies.

Tyler also does a series called "The Consumer in Me," where he reviews and gives his honest opinion on products and services locally and nationally.

Some projects and groups Tyler has worked on

  • National Spokesman: Brakes For Less

  • Voice of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

  • Spokesman / Host: First Responders Memorial

  • Spokesman / PIO: Pelion Police Department

  • Spokesman / PIO: Newberry County Water Rescue Team

  • Spokesman / PIO: Saluda County Sheriff's Office

  • Pitchman: My New Lens Case

  • Pitchman: My Cell to Go

  • Talent: Columbia Metropolitan Airport

  • Spokesman: The Adam Turner Foundation

  • Spokesman: Patriot Paddle / Phoenix Mission

 First Responders Memorial 
 Garden Thug 
 New Lens case 
 My Cell 2 go 
 fairfield county 
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